5 Tips on How to Spruce Up your Next Outdoor Sports Event

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These days, conducting activities outdoors is becoming extremely popular, moving parties from your living room and into your backyard. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, people are rediscovering the magic of being outside. 

Organizing an outdoor sports event may seem straightforward, but just because people will be focused on the sport, doesn’t mean they won’t pay attention to the rest of the event. We’ve rounded up 5 things to have for outdoor events to make it the talk of the town. 

Choose the right outdoor space

The most important thing to have for outdoor events has to be the space or venue to have it in. There are different kinds of spaces, and each kind poses its own challenges. You can opt for wide open spaces like parking lots, fields, or open-air stadium which allow for more space to accommodate guests and conduct activities. On the other hand, you may also want to close things off and make it intimate in parks or camping sites. In either case, consider how you will define your perimeter and mark your event’s area outdoors. 

Wherever you decide on having your outdoor sports event, be sure to get the necessary permits and get familiar with the local ordinances. Don’t forget about how your event will get its power for anything that will need electricity. 

Decorate to set the mood

Another essential thing to have at outdoor events is proper decoration that dresses up the event venue. After taking care of the basic furnishings like seating, tents, umbrellas, barriers, and whatnot, it’s time to really make the event its own with a look. Most major outdoor sports events are covered in sponsored materials, but you can make yours look however you want. 

Start with practical and useful decorations like hanging outdoor lights to help set the mood. Spruce up your furniture with seat cover and table runners that can give color to the event. But don’t forget to use banners and streamers to really make it feel like a sports event. All of these give a great backdrop for your guests’ photos, making things fun for everyone. 

You can get things like feather banners online from companies like Attention Getters. Get the help of trusted signage service providers when planning your event for all your signage needs. Well-designed banners and signs will give the event a clean and professional look. 

Prepare for the weather and season

The date of your event will come into play for when planning your outdoor sports event. Never forget to take into consideration what the weather will be like on the day of your event. A bright and sunny day will call for some shade so prepare tents and umbrellas and maybe even some ice-cold refreshments to help guest cool off. If your event is in the winter, consider having a fire pit or several of them to help event goers warm while also providing a space for people to gather and socialize. Add in some hot cocoa or coffee and you’ve added a whole new experience to your event. The ambiance it provides at night is another cool bonus while also being a good source of light. 

Keep the bugs away

One caveat about organizing outdoor sports events is having to share the space with bugs that can get annoying while trying to enjoy the festivities. Insects can be a challenge when mounting an event in a park or camp site, but not all venues will face this.  

The first thing you should do is remove any standing water where mosquitos tend to flock to. In addition, set up fans around the venue to help maintain airflow and keep the bugs at bay. This will also double as extra help against the heat for events in the summer. Lastly, you can also prepare insect repellent wipes or lotion for your guests for that extra protection. 

Turn up the music

Finally, don’t forget to add in some music to your event. You can hire a live band or DJ if you have the budget but having a phone or laptop with a playlist hooked up to large speakers can do the trick. Music is another great way to set the mood and create an ambiance to help guests feel comfortable and give a little background noise to their conversations. 

There you have it! Remember this handful of tips when you plan your next outdoor event and have your guests enjoying themselves the whole time. 



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Effective Property Management Through Quality Signage

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