5 Tips To Creating An Effective Trade Show Display Stand

by Dec 3, 2021Blog

Trade Shows can be a great venue for you to increase awareness of your business and get new customers. However, a trade show also has its own challenges. They’re usually dense and filled with other businesses and brands, some of which compete directly with yours.

To overcome these challenges, here are a few tips on how to set up your tradeshow display to grab the attention of your intended audience and potential customers.

Take the time to prepare your display and banners with good graphics

The main look of your tradeshow booth will depend on the different display and banners that you will use to decorate it. Most often, trade shows will only provide you with a blank space and maybe a table. It’s completely up to you to design the space to showcase your brand.

If you’re designing you space last minute, you’re probably going to end up with a forgettable booth. Start early and easily look for producers of trade show display and banners online. You can look for companies like Attention Getters who can also provide graphic design services to help you achieve the perfect look.

Aside from graphics, also consider modularity and portability when designing your trade show displays. This is especially important if you plan on joining multiple trade shows. Each event may provide you with a space that has different sizes and shapes. Having a modular and portable tradeshow display will make ingress, set up, and egress much easier all while saving you on costs since you can reuse the same display for all the events.

Get creative with your trade show display board

Every booth will usually have a trade show display board that highlights the main points of your brand. This can be things like your unique sales proposition (USP), your products, your mission & vision, among others.

While you can have this printed as a static image, text, or infographic, getting creative with this display board can help capture people’s attention and draw more people toward your booth. Consider integrating a screen that will allow you to flash multiple photos or even videos. These dynamic display boards are not only eye-catching, but also provides more space to convey information.

Organize your trade show table display

More often than not, your tradeshow booth is going to have a table. It’s important that you dress up and organize your trade show table display to both attract passersby and to help communicate your message effectively.

Use a tablecloth or a table runner to dress up a plain table, using colors that are part of your brand or ones that complement it. Organize objects on the table by size, putting larger objects toward the back and the smallest objects in front.

Your tradeshow table display can either showcase what you’re trying to sell or display your giveaways like freebies and business cards. But if you have enough space, do both!

Have an interactive component

In addition to a dressed up and organized trade show table display, adding an interactive component is a good way to pique your audience’s interest. It can also be a good way to demonstrate your product or service.

There are many ways you can accomplish this. You can have tablets or laptops where visitors can use or try an app, or you can have installations that they can interact with.

Utilize giveaways and freebies

One last thing you can do to jazz up your tradeshow display is to hand out giveaways to those who visit you. However, you have to choose carefully what it is you’re giving away. Something too common or useless may be cheap to produce but will probably end up in a trash can nearby. Something really valuable will surely draw the attention of everyone who sees or hears about you, but then you might run out quickly and only be able to hand out a few pieces.

All things considered, some general rules are that your giveaway should be practical, somewhat useful, and should bear your branding for future recall. It’s a definite bonus if your giveaway is related to your product or service or could actually be a free trial of what it is you’re selling.

These five are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating an effective trade show display stand. Get creative and test out your ideas the next time you join a trade show. See what works and what doesn’t and just keep optimizing as you go along.



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