Tips On How To Increase Your Flea Market Sales

by Dec 10, 2021Blog

Setting up shop in a flea market can be a great opportunity for certain businesses. It provides you a physical space where your customers can reach you without locking you into high rent fees for months.

However, there are still challenges involved. You’ll be placed in a dense space, probably side-by-side with your competitors. So what can you do to gain the upper hand? Flyers, event signage custom canopy tents, social media posts? We’ve gathered a few tips for you in this article to help increase your sales in your next flea market.

Increase on-site visibility

Flea markets tend to be packed, so it can be quite confusing to some shoppers, and they can miss your booth. One thing you can do is use a custom-made canopy tent to visually set yourself apart from the booths around you. Using custom printed canopy tents not only make you stand out visually, but it also allows you to showcase your brand when you might have limited space for your marketing materials.

Having a custom canopy tent is good for when the customer is nearby, but what about those who might have just entered the flea market? Supplement your on-site marketing with posters and signages that lead customers to your both. Place these in strategic locations like major walkways and near restrooms. These signages can guide your customer closer to your booth where they can see your custom-made canopy tent from far away

Start advertising in advance

To help guarantee that your customers know where you are and to help spread the word of your flea market presence, it’s a good idea to advertise early. Start sharing your marketing materials a few weeks before you set up shop in the flea market, so your audience has time to fit it in their schedules.

There are ways for you to start marketing without spending. The easiest is to set up a social media page for your business. Having a social media presence allows you a space where you can regularly release content and marketing materials about your business, such as updates on where you’ll be present or if you have any ongoing promos. A social media page will also help provide credibility for your business and reassures potential customers that you’re a legitimate business.

Certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram also have features that allow you to sell your products online. Leverage these as well as other e-commerce platforms to help boost sales.

Leverage promos and offers

Another way to help boost sales is to create promos and offers for your customers. Promos can offer incentives to customers to encourage them to buy more than they normally would or maybe even try your other products that they would normally overlook.

Offering discounts is a good way to entice those who are unsure about purchasing to finally make the decision. By lowering the price barrier, you can more convince those on the fence to try your products.

Don’t forget your loyal customers as well! Studies have shown that it costs less to retain current customers and grow that relationship as opposed to looking for new buyers. Create a loyalty program that gives returning customers discounts or special promos. Loyalty programs like a points system or rewards card also gives your previous customers more reason to buy from you again.

Appear at the same markets regularly

Consistency is key in the flea market game. One-off appearances may be a nice boost to your normal sales but being present in the same markets make it easier for customers, both new and old, to find you.

Instead of making it a challenge for people to find out where you are on a certain day, being consistent in a flea market gives you a pseudo brick and mortar shop. Old customers can point new ones to your location, and they can be sure they’ll find you.

Get your own custom canopy tent, signages, and marketing materials

If you’re planning on joining a flea market, make sure you’re prepared and get your necessities ready with Attention Getters. Our highly capable team can surely help you with the design and production of posters, signages, and custom canopy tents. Call us today and grab you customer’s attention!



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