5 Reasons Why A Custom Business Signage Is Important For Your Business

by Dec 20, 2021Blog

When setting up a business or trying to grow one, there are a lot of possible solutions that one might find on the internet. From different marketing strategies to business coaching, there are many options that you can choose.

However, it pays to start with simple measures and ones that you can benefit from early and continue benefiting from throughout the life of your company. One such option is ordering business signage online. If you’re a business with a physical location or a brick-and-mortar store, having custom business signage can really help and here’s why.

Make a memorable first impression

Getting custom business signage online will really help you make a good first impression. For many new customers, your sign will be the first thing they see so it matters what you put up so you can make a memorable first impression that makes them want to come back.

To turn a random passerby into a new customer and eventually a repeat customer, you first need to be able to lead them to your store. That’s why a well-made custom business signage is key to getting sales and increasing business performance. Different studies have shown that many people forgo entering a store if they can’t see proper signage to identify it. Those same studies have also found that passersby will enter a store simply because of a sign that catches their attention.

That brings us to the importance of the quality you can get from ordering business signage online. No matter how large your business is, working with a trusted signage producer like Attention Getters can provide your business with a great sign that can attract new customers. They can offer you graphic design services to help you create the perfect sign that captures people’s attention while effectively communicating your message and brand promise.

A key thing to remember is that it’s important to maintain your signage once you have it. A clean, maintained, and well-lit sign says a lot about a business and how its run. A run-down sign can be a turn-off for customers who may think the business itself is being neglected. Getting high quality custom business signage online will last you years with a little maintenance.

Custom business signage can increase brand exposure

With your sign up all day, you essentially have a marketing material that’s working the whole day. Everyone who passes by your store will get a glimpse of your brand and that may stick to their memory when seeing your future marketing efforts.

Take time to design your business signage so it communicates a clear, positive, and attractive message. It’s important to align it with the rest of your visual brand. That way, anyone who passes by your sign can easily associate your other marketing materials with your company, whether those are flyers, commercials, or online ads.

It’s 24/7 marketing

Your custom business signage is 24/7 marketing. Unlike billboards or online ads that come with a cost every time you want to run an advertisement, a custom business signage is a one-time cost. Sure, you have to spend some time and resources cleaning it every now and then, but that cost is far less than having to run multiple ad campaigns.

It can be cost effective

No matter how much you’re quoted for business signage online, find comfort in knowing that there’s a constant return on investment as long as the sign is up and in good condition. There are no time limits for business signage, and it will be completely up to you when you want to take it down or replace it.

So as long as your sign is up, it’ll always be working to attract new customers, lead customers to your store, and communicate your brand’s message and USP.

You can get business signage that’s customizable

The last benefit of getting business signage online is that you may also have the option to get on that’s customizable. While custom business signage allows you to tailor-make your sign for your business, once it’s produced and installed, that’s pretty much it until you make a new one.

Today, there are now customizable options like LED signboards that give you the flexibility of changing the design and message whenever you want at no additional cost. You might want to look into it if you want to be able to broadcast different messages at different times.