Boosting Foot-Traffic For Your Small Business Through Outdoor Signages And Decorations

by Dec 27, 2021Blog

When it comes to improving the performance of a business with a brick-and-mortar store, the main thing you want to increase is foot-traffic. After all, how can you increase sales if there’s no on in the store to buy more of your products. So what does it take to boost foot-traffic?

The simplest answer is drawing people’s attention to your store and giving them a reason to enter. Get some outdoor décor or buy feather banners online to easily gran the attention of passersby. From there, your sales staff can do the rest and convince visitors to make a purchase.

But is going online to get feather banners and some other décor enough? It may not seem like the marketing tactic of the century but here are a few reasons why outdoor feather banners and other décor are a good idea.

24/7 marketing and advertising

When you design and order feather flags online and receive them, you’re going to set them up outside your shop or place them in the vicinity of your shop or neighborhood. The beauty of all this is that once you set them up, you’re done. These feather banners and flags are going to on display day and night, marketing your brand 24/7.

This is a clear advantage over online ads, commercials, or billboards. Unlike those kinds of advertisements, feather banners don’t have a time limit or become invalid after a couple hours or days. You won’t be paying for ad space that will expire which also gives you more value.

Cost-effective strategy

Speaking of savings, that is the 2nd key benefit of ordering feather banners online and using them to boost foot traffic. These feather banners are usually a one-time cost, and once you have them, you’re not really going to need to shell out any more funding to keep them working.

As such, looking for online feather banners early is exactly how you can make the most out of them. The earlier you get them, the more time you can spend displaying these feather banners and attracting more customers. Essentially, you’ll have more time to get a return on your investment.

Design versatility

Unlike other formats like billboards, you won’t find as many restrictions when designing your feather banners online. You can choose to have small banners and flags and get them printed at an affordable cost. If you want to go big, you can choose large format printing and still get them done at a better rate than having a billboard.

The sky’s the limit when designing these banners. Choose any color as the material won’t pose any problem.

One unique advantage feather banners have over billboards is that you can print on both sides. Depending on the location where you plan to set these up and the message you want to convey, this can help you reach more people and attract more visitors to your store.

Lightweight, portable, and flexibly deployable

Feather banners are light and easy to set-up. As such, you’re not going to need to hire special professionals to install these. Their form factor means that you’ll be able to set them up in most places, and since they’re portable, you can even test out different locations and placements to see which works best.

Because of this, your feather banners can also be used for other purposes like decorating your live events. This can save you some money in your event budget by reusing the feather banners you place outside your store, instead of having to produce more for a one-time event.

Choose decorations that matter

Of course, aside from feather banners and flags, you have many other options available to really catch the attention of your audience. The main thing to remember here is that you should use bright colors that stand out from the surroundings and make sure that all text is readable. Your messages should also be clear at all times.

For whatever you choose as decorations, you can get things like posters, sandwich boards, balloons, feather banners online from trusted quality manufacturers like Attention Getters. Our team will happily assist you in the planning and designing of your outdoor decorations. Get in touch with us today and start boosting foot-traffic toy your business!



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