Things You Need To Consider While Creating A Logo For Your Business

by Jul 15, 2021Blog

While creating your entire business structure, it’s normal to end up quite stumped on how to make a logo for your business. Whether you’re working with a skilled artist or designing a logo on your own, you’ll likely find that it’s much easier to recognize a good logo than to come up with one yourself. After all, it’s quite easier to recognize a Nike, McDonald’s, or Toyota logo from afar rather than to create an iconic logo for yourself, right?

Don’t worry! You can make something just as original and recognizable for your brand, too! Taking your brand’s identity into consideration, we came up with a handy list of logo design tips you can refer to throughout the design process. Let’s get to it!

Think About Your Brand Identity

Before you even start to think of design elements, you need to have a clear picture of your brand’s identity before sketching out potential logos. Think about factors like your brand’s core personality and what makes it unique. List these factors down by yourself or with your team while brainstorming. Not only will it help you understand your brand further, but it can help you decide what aspects of your brand should be present in your logo.

Here are some questions you can ask to provide yourself with some answers regarding brand identity:

  1. How did the business start?
  2. What makes my business special?
  3. What are three words that should be associated with my brand?
  4. What is our company’s vision and mission?
  5. What is one thing we do better than our competition?

Come Up With A Mood Board

One of the more fun parts of the logo making process is gathering as much inspiration as you can to come up with the perfect logo. A good way to do this by yourself or with a team is by assembling a mood board. Think about all the images you can associate with your brand, and compile it all in one collective mood board to help you visualize the design elements you need. These images could be, but not limited to, logos of other brands, colors you’d like to associate with your brand, and even textures or shapes that you feel you’d love to see on your brand’s logo.

Sketch Out Options And Narrow Them Down To Easy Recall

Even though the most recognizable logos in the world look different from each other, easy recall is what makes them iconic. Among the options at your disposal, choose the one that is easily associated with your brand and can be remembered by any customer. For this step, you can ask your friends or close family members to answer the question, “Which logo do you think represents my brand the most?” After all, these people could represent your future customers!

Make Sure Your Logo Has Proportion And Symmetry

A lot of the best logos make use of these two factors to come up with an elegant design that is also pleasing to look at. There’s a reason why we love seeing the Apple logo on a Macintosh computer, or why Instagram’s square logo makes a lot of sense when your feed is filled with aesthetic boxes. Experiment with shapes that are both symmetrical and proportionate to each other to make sure your logo’s design elements complement each other. You’ll want your customer to take one look at your logo and go, “Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me.”

The logo design process is as extensive as it can get. You can be inspired by anything at all, even the logos of other brands! In the end, what’s crucial is that your logo accurately represents your brand while still remaining ownable. Repping your business signage online should make you proud to call your brand your own.

While coming up with your logo, feel free to contact us at Attention Getters, where we strive to provide the best quality artwork for any product or service at your disposal. Just visit our homepage to receive a free quote on your project, and we can help your business’ logo truly come to life. All you have to do is give us your contact details, and we’ll be ready to help.



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