How To Prepare Your Perfect Event

by Jul 22, 2021Blog

Any event planner must be prepared for mounting successful outdoor events, especially considering the fact that summer is just around the corner! Whether you’re preparing for something as small as a simple family reunion out in a spacious lawn to the scale of a music festival, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the right outdoor event planning tips that can help you mount a successful outdoor event. Tips as simple as deciding between a regular tent for outdoor events or a canopy tent could make all the difference for the kind of occasion you’re planning.

Before you send out all those exciting invites, here are a few handy tips you can keep in mind when planning for outdoor events.

Choose The Perfect Venue.

Depending on the size of the crowd you’re expecting and the kind of outdoor event you want to mount, the venue you choose needs to accommodate all these factors and more. We suggest approaching your local government to inquire about parks in the area, or other relevant public outdoor spaces. This is also a good way to gauge how open they are to working with event management groups and what their rules are for these endeavors.

Find And Secure The Permits You Need.

Once you’ve finalized your venue, it’s best to do this first so you don’t run into unwanted problems later on. The last thing you want is a successful outdoor event that will only end up being shut down early due to a lack of proper permits.

Comfy Covered Areas Are A Must!

Even though the guests who will attend will likely be prepared for any kind of weather once they get to the venue, you should still make sure covered areas are comfy enough to help them sit back, relax, and have a good time! We consider perusing through custom canopy tents online to help you set these areas up for your guests.

Make Sure Your Guests Are Always Comfortable.

Before the event proper, you’ll want to make a list of everything you need to ensure the comfort of your guests. Take note of things like enough water and food, access to fast Wi-Fi, portable toilets, sanitizing areas, electric fans, and more specific factors that could contribute to your guests’ wellbeing during the event.

Take Pest Control Into Consideration.

Pest control is important because just like the weather, you can’t really gauge when mosquitoes or flies might decide to swarm the area. Have a pest exterminator on call to spray the area well before the event starts. Feel free to remind them of how many people will be at the event, and make sure that they won’t be able to inhale any of the insecticide on the special day as well.

List Down All The Equipment You Will Need.

Are you expecting musicians or DJs to come entertain the crowd? Will they have enough amplifiers or DJ controllers? Do you need power cord extensions? Will a smoke machine be involved? Make a list of all of the equipment you’ll need beforehand so you can secure these easily.

Monitor The Weather And Have A Back-Up Plan.

It may be bright and sunny when you’re still in the planning stage for your outdoor event, but the weather can change in a snap. We suggest adapting a “rainy day strategy.”

Is it possible to move your event indoors if you observe inclement weather? Will the covered areas be enough to shield guests from potential rain? Or will you have to postpone the event and move it to another date?

On the off chance that you’ll have to answer the last question with an affirmative, make sure you have a detailed back-up plan written up to make all the adjustments you’ll need when it comes to security, catering, permits, and other important factors.

When it comes to event planning, it all boils down to preparation. Something as simple as deciding whether you need a custom canopy tent for your outdoor events is made easier with a little bit of help. Contact us at Attention Getters where we know events, from small private events to large multi-day corporate events. Give us a call for a quote today, completely free!



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