Planning An Outdoor Event? Here’s A Few Things To Keep In Mind

by Nov 5, 2021Blog

Outdoor events are always exciting to attend, allowing you to enjoy nature while being part of a fun event. However, if you’re the one organizing the event, there are a lot more to consider. So, whether you’re a seasoned event planner or just an average joe, we’re here to give you a few outdoor event tips to help make your planning easier and ensure your event goes smoothly. 

Outdoor Event Essentials 

To start, here are a few things that are an absolute must for your outdoor event checklist. These are some things that you must always consider when planning an outdoor event to make sure your guests have a good time. 


Probably the most important aspect of planning an outdoor event, and the main difference from an indoor event, is cover for your guests. The kind of cover you’ll need to secure depending on your goals. This can be simple shade from the sun, or areas that will shelter your guests if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Plan for different types of cover for the different areas and uses in the event. These can be as simple as tables with umbrellas for shaded dining or even custom canopy tents that both protect and label certain areas of your event. 


The next necessity of any outdoor event is power. Some outdoor event areas may have provisions for power and electricity, but often figuring out where your event will get the power it needs is a challenge. The easiest solution are gasoline-powered generators, but due to their cost, noise, and environmental impact, you should consider other options, especially ones provided by the venue. 


This is another outdoor event essential since you wouldn’t want to have your guests wandering far away to relieve themselves. If your outdoor venue doesn’t already have restrooms, there are numerous companies you can hire for this that offer porta potties or portable restrooms. These can be delivered to the venue for your convenience. 

Waste Disposal

You may have already planned for food and drink for the event, but you can’t forget what happens to the trash that comes with this. Making sure you have plenty of well-placed garbage cans and places where guests can throw empty bottles will make cleanup a whole lot easier too.


An often overlooked yet important factor is parking. If your guests don’t have a convenient place to park their vehicles, it might be a big enough hassle for them to decide to leave and not attend. Ensure there’s a nearby place for guests to park their cars and, more importantly, that there are enough spaces for all your guests. 

Staying Organized

In addition to the essentials listed above, there are couple more outdoor event tips to keep in mind to ensure success. 

Pick a date, check the budget, and plan ahead

The first things you must nail down are the date of your event and the budget you’ll be working with. If this is the first event you’re organizing, you’ll quickly notice that a lot of things revolve around these two details. 

Be sure to plan early as well to give yourself enough time to contact and coordinate with all your suppliers and guests. Larger events with multiple venues across several dates can take weeks to secure everything, so be sure your timeline has enough leeway for your needs.

Invite guests ASAP

Send invites to your guests as early as you can. An early notice gives you a better chance of them being able to save the date. Getting their RSVP will provide you with a more accurate head count to help you with your other planning. 

Always have a plan B

An outdoor event essential, a plan B is necessary for all events, especially outdoor ones. The weather is only one of the many uncontrollable factors that you need to plan for. Create a contingency plan for other possible issues like having a medical team on standby in case of any emergencies. 

Get Customized Tents for Your Next Events

A well planned and executed outdoor event can be talked about for years when your guests have a great time. Take care of all the essentials but spruce things up by adding your event’s branding where you can, like with custom canopy tents. Get in touch with Attention Getters and learn more about how our services can help your next outdoor event stand out from the rest.