Display Marketing in TradeShows: The Essential Must-Haves for your Booth

by Nov 15, 2021Art, Blog

Trade shows can be a great place to market your business and gain new customers and clients. With so many people gathered for a common purpose, it’s important that you set yourself up for success in these trade shows to help bring in more business. 

When planning for a trade show and setting up your booth, there are a few things that you’re going to want to have. These essentials will make trade show marketing much easier and bring you closer to your goals.

Maximize your trade show marketing

In order to have a good trade show presence, there are certain things that should be present in your booth. Without these, you’ll be facing the challenge of getting and retaining people’s attention. 


The most important thing you need at a trade show is proper signage that communicates your message well. In a show full of competition, proper signage can help lead people to your booth and get your message out even before they come near you. Signage isn’t also limited to what’s within your booth. Maximize the whole venue with posters, banners, and displays that lead people toward your booth. 

Trade show marketing tip: highlight what’s unique about your business and what you can offer versus the rest. If you’ll have materials posted away from your booth, design them strategically consider where they’ll be posted. 

Finding the right design can be challenging but producing it can be easy. You can get tradeshow display and banners online from companies like Attention Getters. Get in touch with us and we can help you with your design and produce high quality artwork for any display or signage that you’ll need. 

Presentation materials

While signage will draw people to your booth, you’re going to need something to keep their attention. This is where presentation materials come in. These materials can vary in form; they can be flyers, brochures, infographics, videos playing on a screen, and even live demonstrations. These materials will allow you to give more information about your brand and its product or service – more help in getting a sale.  

Business cards

Extend the reach of your trade show efforts by giving those who visited something to remember you by. Business cards are an essential to your booth and are also easy-to-produce. These are an effective lead generation tool that give interested customers/clients something to remember you by after the event and contain important information on how to reach you.

Trade show tip: bring more than enough business cards as you never want to be caught without one a miss an opportunity. Cards should be a pocket-friendly size that’s easy to hold on to. Going for weird shapes and large sizes may be eye catching at first, but if it’s too hard to keep hold of, they might just end up in the trash can. 

Promotional giveaways

Free stuff is always welcome at trade shows. These giveaways can help leave a lasting impression and help people remember you when the event is over. These can be inexpensive trinkets that you can hand to everyone that passes by. However, if you really want to leave a mark, choose a giveaway that’s practical and gives value to the user. It will always be more memorable giving away something that they’ll use in the coming weeks or months and not just throw away in a few days.

Trade show tips to stay organized

In addition to the essentials above, it pays to be organized and prepared for these long events. Aside from the mandatories, make sure you also have a box of supplies – things like pens, tape, rubber bands, stapler, paper clips, scissors, zip ties, etc. These will help keep things in place and and help prevent displays from falling apart. Also bring a power strip or extension cords to make sure that you have outlets for different devices that will need power.

Lastly, pack some refreshments to keep you fueled for the day. A trade show is like a marathon so it’s best to have snacks and water to keep you going. If possible, bring some extra bottles of water to hand out to potential customers. Look out for your customers and they’ll look out for you.

Create a lasting trade show presence with proper planning and these trade show tips. Do it right and your next trade show might be the turning point to your business’ success.



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