Prepping For Your First Trade Show: A Checklist

by Jun 17, 2021Uncategorized

A trade show is an exhibition for businesses in a particular industry to showcase, demonstrate, and advertise their new product and services to the company representatives and press members. As most startup businesses have few employees, they are, by default, held back by their lack of funds because of the high cost of running a trade show. However, thoughtful, strategic trade show planning is essential to actualizing your goals and maximizing your return on investment.

The first step in the trade show planning process is to identify opportunistic conferences and events that will reach your target audience. You can start the research process by talking with your customers and about the events they once attended. After doing this, the next thing is to contact professional organizations and colleagues in your industry for additional suggestions.

That said, we have come up with this article to create a checklist on how to prepare for your first trade show. Let’s explore more.


Make Sure You Have The Best Displays

Even with all the preparation, you still need to prepare your business for the event. This is another reason why you need to have your trade show display package in place. You can reach out to us at Attention Getters Design for your displace package and other graphics work. Our mission is to provide the absolute best quality artwork for any promotional product or service. We will create great design stands and sign holders to use as an avenue for way-finding or announcing show specials and posting event times.

You can get the display stand in two forms, either as the observe Lite Pro Sign Stand or the Aluminum Snap Frame. Just go to Attention Getters Design and get whatever display package you need.


Set Clear Goals For Your Trade Show Participation

What do you want to get out of it? Are you focusing on promotion or hoping to launch a new product? How many attendees do you want to stop at your booth? How many leads do you want to generate? How many products do you want to sell?

You can have more than one goal, of course. The point is that you need to be clear about what your participation in the trade show is about. Determine what your ROI would be. If you think getting one new customer will justify you being at the event, you should focus on getting that customer.


Do Your Research

You need to choose the trade shows that will give your business the best ROI and help you actualize your goals. If you want to achieve on-site sales, you should know the best ways to exhibit your products. Do your research and choose a trade show that best targets your audience and suits your participation goals.


Plan Your Location

The location is crucial as it determines the number of those attending and the type of audience you want to reach. Often, trade fairs are held in large cities to make them accessible. This is why a lot of trade show sponsors alternate their events between the west and the east coast.

Therefore, if you have your business on the east coast, doing a trade show in a city like New York on the west coast will undoubtedly increase the cost of your trade show significantly. That is why location is necessary for determining your budget.


Consider A Game To Boost Trade Show Results

According to trade show industry research, interactive games are one of the best ways to attract potential customers during the show. This is one of the ways to outshine your competitors. A trade show game can increase booth traffic, help booth staffers start conversations, generating more leads and sales, and boosting your trade show ROI.

Plan For Technology And Its Content In Your Booth

It is now a proven fact that millennials are the largest in the United States workforce. This is the most compelling reason why you should integrate technology into your exhibit design and attendee engagement.

Hence, you should take some time to plan how you will use tech in your booth and how you will create content to run on that technology. It is advisable that you choose tech that is easy to use for staffers and attendees in order to enhance your in-booth conversations.

Plan Smart: Work with Attention Getters For Your Quality Designs

A trade show provides an avenue for businesses to showcase and market their products to their target audience to get more sales. Despite its effectiveness, it could cost you a lot of money without yielding the desired outcome if not planned perfectly.

Create awareness by going for attractive designs with Attention Getters Design. You don’t really need to spend much, yet you will get a desirable outcome in the end.