5 Types of Personal Logos To Brand Your Design Services

by May 24, 2021Uncategorized

5 Types of Personal Logos To Brand Your Design Services

Logos are symbols, emblems, graphic marks, or a stylized name used to make a company, product, or brand recognizable. Companies can personalize their name or take on an abstract design as a symbol. Due to the rise of brands and companies, there is an increase in the demand for logo designers who can create unique branded logos.

However, there is always the challenge of designers choosing how to brand their services. There is no right way to design your own logo. To help alleviate some of the anxiety around branding your design services, we will be shedding light on five different types of logos that work well for showing off your unique style and what they are all about. Use these ideas as inspiration to represent yourself in your most authentic form.


Spell it out in written form

Your personal logo doesn’t necessarily have to be a symbol. Using your written signature (or typed-out name) is both a personalized and timeless option to represent your brand. This type of logo works well for any kind of designer, but especially for lettering artists as it gives you an opportunity to let your skills shine.

The monogram type

You can also form your logo using your first name initials. This method is very applicable when your character is quite long, and you can’t spell it out fully because you want to conserve space. Another benefit to this type is that it is simple, clear, and legible.

And while it is true that when using a monogram, you stand the chance of having the same initials with another brand leaving potential customers confused, you can decide to combine your monogram with a distinctive image. However, it is adorable if the initials used can spell out a relevant word.


The combination mark

This is when you combine a symbol or emblem with your written initials or full personal name. Both big companies and designers commonly use it for brands because it offers clarity and visual appeal to an icon. The pictorial framework added to the design can add clarification into your style and if it is sort after for this. It is worthy to note that this type of logo is larger and more complex and can become a problem when applying it across a suite of marketing materials.

Self-portrait illustrations

In this case, you can use your pictures to illustrate yourself, using them as an opportunity to show off your personality and skill in your photo. If your online followers are vibrant, this will work wonders across all social media channels because they use very little space.

The advantage of this style is that it allows you to get creative in your way, playing around with the different versions you make and letting your personality shine through.


The brand mark type

It is a picture not of you but of what you create, and it ultimately leaves out texts. It is an excellent way to overcome the language barrier if your design is international. They are simple and easily recognizable. They can be abstract. However, this method means that you have to be well-known.

Wrapping Up

We hope you found these logo ideas helpful. You may have noticed, all of these logo designs look completely different from one another—and that’s the beauty of it. You have the say on how you want to visually represent yourself. You call the shots, so take this opportunity to tell your story and communicate your services. Use your best judgment and choose a style that feels most authentic to you and your work.

However, if you feel you need help at any point, feel free to consult professionals. For the best result, work with us at Attention Getters Design. We will help you come up with a unique, presentable logo that best represents your personality, brand, and business.