How to Craft an Engaging Outdoor Business Sign

by Apr 14, 2023Blog

An outdoor business sign is an essential part of your business’s success. It is the first thing that potential customers will see when they come across your business. Your sign should be eye-catching and engaging in order to draw people into your store or office. Here are some helpful tips on how to craft an effective outdoor business sign. 

Design Tips from a Business Signage Company

Choose a Color Scheme that Matches Your Branding 

Ensuring that your outdoor business signage is consistent with your brand and its values isn’t as hard as it might initially seem. Start by considering the colors that appear in your logo, website, or other physical or digital materials. Once you’ve identified those colors, you can then determine which colors best represent your company and should be used for your signage. This will help customers recognize and connect to your brand more quickly, creating a unified and consistent presence across all of your marketing collateral. 

Use Clear Fonts 

An outdoor business sign is a great way to make your presence known but be careful when selecting the font. It’s important that the font used for your sign is clear and easy to read from a distance. Sans serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana, or Tahoma work best since their slim line thickness makes them visible even when being viewed from far away. Furthermore, avoid using multiple font types on the same sign, as it can appear cluttered and detract attention away from the main message.

Keep it Simple 

When crafting an outdoor business sign, it’s important to keep it simple and concise. Try not to include too much text on the sign and focus on including just the basics like your company name, logo or branding elements, contact information such as phone numbers or website address, and any other key messages related to promotions or products/services offered by your company. The fewer words on a sign, the easier it will be for people driving by in their cars or walking down the street to read them quickly and clearly.  

Select the Proper Materials

Make sure you select the proper materials for your outdoor business sign. Different types of materials are better suited to different types of environments, so consider factors such as weather exposure and other potential hazards when selecting a material for your sign. Materials like aluminum or PVC will be more durable and long-lasting in harsher climates. Additionally, if you want your sign to be illuminated, LED signs are perfect since they generate high visibility and require minimal power consumption. 

Find the Right Location

It’s important to find the right location for your outdoor business sign. You want to make sure that the sign is visible and can be seen by anyone passing by. Consider factors such as traffic flow, visibility from the street, and other nearby businesses when choosing a spot for your sign. Additionally, you may need to get permission from the local government to place your sign. 

Maintain it Regularly

Once you have your outdoor business sign, it’s important to maintain it regularly. This includes cleaning the sign and ensuring that any information displayed on it is up-to-date such as contact details or promotions. Additionally, if you have an illuminated sign, make sure the lights are working properly; if not, contact a professional to make any necessary repairs. 

Crafting effective outdoor business signage is essential if you want customers—both new and existing—to notice you and learn more about what you offer. By following these simple tips, you can create an eye-catching yet straightforward design that will draw attention from potential customers while still maintaining consistency with your brand identity! 


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