How Reading Printed Materials vs. Screens Can Save Your Life

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How Reading Printed Materials vs Screens Can Save Your Life

Reading from your tablet or smartphone fits perfectly into your daily routine. Whether you are on a bus or in a personal vehicle, reading from these devices helps you meet your reading goals with ease. Meanwhile, it is not the best option to go for.

That said, we are going to show the benefits of reading printed materials over reading from screens and how reading printed materials can save your life in this article. Let’s explore more.

Reduce Screen Light On Your Face

One of the major dangers of reading through the screen is the screen light. This screen light could be dangerous and can cause severe eye and brain damage in the long run. Even if you put all the health implications aside, you will also discover that it is better to focus on the information that comes out of a printed material than a screen.

There are also some physical implications that you may face when reading on screens. Over time, you may begin to experience some sort of neck pains and eyesores that could develop into something else if not handled. There is also a huge risk of high blood pressure and reduced sleep when stirring into a screen for a long time.

Most people think that by flickering, they can get the reading right. Meanwhile, it doesn’t work that way. Most of the important information may be hidden in a small box that could be hardly seen except you zoom in. Hence, making assimilation difficult.

If you want to stay focused and get the information right then, reading physical materials is the best option for you.

Stay In The Physical Realm

The truth is, we spend a lot of unconscious time on social media and reading web content every day. This is a time that we cannot get back. When you choose to read your materials physically, there is better retention, and your overall visual memory will be improved.

If you hold a book, you get to feel the texture and scent of the material. This subconsciously gives your brain the tuning that it needs to prepare for assimilation. However, you can never get this feeling while reading from your phone. There are also several health benefits involved when reading from print. Your blood pressure improves, and your heart rate takes a dip while reading print.

In the comparison between reading printed materials vs. screens, print also has its downsides. Procurement of printed materials is not as easy as getting digital materials, and the procurement could be expensive. A physical read isn’t as clean and neat as digital as stains and smudges can never be found on digital materials.

Printed Materials vs Screens



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