Feather Banners – An Essential Tool for Outdoor Events

by Jul 31, 2023Blog

Outdoor events require a lot of planning and preparation, one of the most critical aspects being the promotional tools used to attract attendees. Promotional materials need to grab people’s attention and be noticed immediately. Feather banners, also known as feather flags, are one such promotional tool that has gained immense popularity in recent years. These flags provide an eye-catching way to promote your event and entice people to attend. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using feather banners for outdoor events.

Benefits of Feather Banners

  1. Feather banners offer visibility from afar

Feather banners are an exceptional way to draw in a crowd from a distance. Their towering height, with sizes reaching up to 20 feet, ensures that they are easily recognizable from a distance, making them advantageous for outdoor events. These banners become the centerpiece of any event, as they offer an eye-catching display that can’t be missed.

  1. Feather banners are cost-effective

Feather banners are a cost-effective advertising tool for small businesses and event organizers. Despite being affordable, they are highly effective in capturing the attention of potential customers. They are easy to set up, and with their portability, they can be moved around to different locations, increasing their exposure to a broader audience. Unlike other advertising tools, feather banners can be set up in just a few minutes without any hassle.

  1. Feather banners are versatile

Feather banners may be called as such, but don’t let that name fool you. These versatile promotional items can be utilized in a range of settings beyond just trade shows. Coming with a stake or base, you can strategically place them anywhere you’d like to draw in a crowd, whether it be festivals, sporting events, outdoor concerts, or any outdoor event you may organize. The possibilities are endless with feather banners, making them an incredibly valuable investment for any marketing campaign seeking to make an impact.

  1. Feather banners are durable

Feather banners are a reliable advertising option for businesses that are looking for an outdoor event signage solution. The polyester material used to make the banners is a durable option that can hold up against the effects of harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. They can resist UV rays and strong winds, ensuring that they maintain their vibrant and eye-catching appearance. With their durable materials and resilient nature, feather banners can be reused over and over again, and stored for long periods without the risk of damage.

  1. Feather banners are customizable


Feather banners are a fantastic option when it comes to promoting your outdoor event. What makes them unique is the fact that they are highly customizable, allowing you to include your brand’s logo, distinct colors, and message. This level of customization is beneficial because it helps attract attendees’ attention and makes your event stand out. What’s more, feather banners offer plenty of space for your message, so you can be as creative as you like. Plus, you can have your website address and contact information printed on the banner, making it easy for interested people to reach out and establish contact. 

The result is an engaging marketing tool that can attract visitors and leave a lasting impression.

Feather banners are an ideal promotional tool for any outdoor event. They offer visibility, affordability, versatility, durability, and customizability, making them a must-have item. The benefits highlighted above demonstrate why feather flags should be included in your outdoor advertising campaigns. They are not only practical but also offer a remarkable return on investment. Don’t miss out on the benefits feather banners offer; get yours today and watch your event attendance soar!


Attention Getters is a company that creates custom feather banners for outdoor sports events. These banners are designed to include your logo and are very visible and vibrant. The feathers of the banner flutter, making them an eye-catching addition to any outdoor gathering and enhancing the experience for attendees.

Whether your event is big or small, Attention Getters has the perfect banner for you. You can choose from our standard sizes and designs, or have a banner customized to fit your exact specifications. Make your outdoor sports event stand out with a distinctive and attention-grabbing banner from Attention Getters.

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